Time to Bloom


When someone mentions Spring, it evokes many pleasant emotions. It is the time
of year when temperatures begin to warm up, days are longer, and the earth
bursts forth with the growth of plants and flowers bloom. Teachers may notice
that students are daydreaming more, especially on those gray days as they
struggle to stay awake and focus, but also on the sunny days as their minds
wander to the world beyond the classroom. It is also the time of year for Spring
Cleaning, Mother’s Day, and graduation parties. The underlying theme of all of these is
growth…emotional, intellectual, physical, and personal…so that we can bloom.
The emotional growth may come from accomplishing some of those New Year’s goals
or a relationship that has blossomed into something deeper. Maybe you have developed
some new systems over the long days of winter that are proving successful. This can be
emotionally up lifting.

As May is the month for many graduations, it marks the intellectual development of our
graduates. That typically means parties and celebrations. It is a time to spruce up the
yard and house. Above all else, May signals Springtime. This year it has seemed to be a long time
coming, but we are finally beginning to see those moderating temperatures. Living in a
state like Iowa, we can easily observe the physical growth of crops changing the
landscape from dingey brown to vibrant green. Especially after a second year of COVID
restrictions, this sight is a welcome one that makes my pulse run faster.
With the first quarter of the year behind us, it is a good time to review where we are with
our personal growth. Often, we look at our goals and decide if they need to be revised.
Before we do that, we should look at the systems we have put in place. Are the systems
moving us towards the goals? If not, it doesn’t mean we need a new goal. Maybe we just
need to change the system. For some of us, that may mean getting up an hour earlier.
For others, it may mean going for a walk, simply making the bed or doing the dishes or
learning to delegate tasks so they can spend time on personal growth.
This is where ACS comes in. We can help you get more done in a week simply by taking
on some of those mundane cleaning duties. We can clean your house, your office, your
garage. By letting us do the Spring cleaning and clearing out the cobwebs and corners,
you will have more time to devote to the things that excite you/the things that bring you
closer to the life you envision for yourself or your family. We can give you back time to
spend on self-improvement so you can get off the “hamster wheel” and accomplish
something that makes you happy.We have a staff of well-trained individuals ready to serve you, whether it is basic house cleaning, carpet shampooing, complete Spring cleaning, routine office cleaning, or some other cleaning project.

We no longer haul mattresses and furniture outside to air in the
sunshine after winter, but we can vacuum them to help freshen them up. Houses are no
longer heated with wood or coal, but you may want to have your vents cleaned to rid
them of accumulated dust. Perhaps it’s just that you need to discard the buildup of
STUFF that hasn’t found a good home. By cleaning, organizing, and decluttering your
spaces, you can increase productivity and improve your mood.
Let ACS help you with all your cleaning needs and you will have time to enjoy those May
activities this year. Whether it is getting ready for a graduation party, garage sale with
those things you decided need to be in someone else’s home, or just relaxing with the
family or neighbors for a barbecue, you will have the time to enjoy the beauty of
springtime, plant some seeds, work on personal growth…bloom! Even if you only
change one percent of what you are doing now, doing so repeatedly will change your life
significantly. Call today to book services. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you. And
we are giving 10% off to all new clients this month in celebration of 10 years in business
in the Iowa City area.