Founder and owner of ACS was born and raised in Iowa. He learned his work ethic on the farm in NW Iowa, moving to Iowa City in 1997. Nick held various jobs primarily in food service and sales/marketing before helping a friend with his cleaning business. Nick moved to Missouri for a short time and when he moved back to Iowa, his friend was in the process of moving and selling his business. Having been eager to make his mark in the world and help others along the way, Nick seized the opportunity. He has taken the business to something that would barely support himself to a business that now provides income for several others and their families as well. Nick has always believed in helping others and his business follows that model. Not only does he help his employees by providing a job but encourages them to better themselves in any way they can even if it means they will leave his employ. Nick enjoys knowing that his company has an impact on the lives of those they serve whether it is a residential house cleaning for an elderly individual or a young couple with small children that are inundated with everything they have to do, or maybe it is a small company that needs to spend all their time developing the business, or it could be a large company with a thousand employees that cleaning tasks would overwhelm.There is a pride knowing that you are part of the community, serving others, and allowing them to be the best they can be by relieving them of the cleaning duties that weigh them down. Not only does he invest time in his cleaning company, but Nick also runs a nonprofit, FUAN – Families United Action Network that focuses on Family Law Reform, working diligently to educate others on the inequities of current law and spending hours lobbying for changes to help Iowa families and especially our children. Nick and his trained team put customers first. They like to say that they are, “cleaning up the world one job at a time.” That’s what makes them so special. Stay clean, my friends.