Pandemic Precautions

Because coronavirus is on everyone’s mind, we at ACS wanted to let you know what steps we are taking to protect your health and prevent the spreading of the disease.

In addition to regular cleaning and touch point sanitation, here are the steps we are following:

  • We are washing our hands upon entering and exiting every home or office.
  • We are using CDC approved disinfectant on surfaces that are touched frequently especially in public areas.
  • Our staff has been instructed to wear masks and/or face shields along with gloves when in a client’s home or office.
  • We are cautious about which members of our staff are sent to places that we suspect may be a danger to them.
  • Equipment is to be sanitized by our employees upon return to the office.
  • We add bleach to the washer when we launder cleaning towels and double rinse them after which they are dried in the dryer to kill any remaining virus.
  • We do not allow staff showing any contagious symptoms to enter the residence or office of clients. Further, we encourage them to rest at home and quarantine as much as possible until they are better, testing for COVID if suspected of exposure.

We understand that there may be times when bookings will need to be cancelled because of unanticipated exposure to someone who has COVID. There will be not cancellation charge assessed when cancelling for this reason. Likewise, we reserve the right to cancel appointments for the same reason should an employee be suspected of having COVID.

We truly believe that by acting together, we can and will get through this pandemic and build a better, stronger community in the process.

Professional Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Too busy to clean? Affordable Cleaning Services is here to help!

We know that nothing feels better than working or resting in a tidy and organized environment. This is especially true if you have long days that leave you too tired to clean your surroundings. With ACS, you can keep your Cedar Rapids or Iowa City home or office neat and clean all the time.

ACS is a family-owned cleaning and janitorial service provider in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas. We’re a team of Iowans serving Iowans. We customize our services to match your cleaning requirements at home, in the office, or at your business establishment.

Our cleaners do the job so you don’t have to. Now you can spend your time catching up with work or bonding with your family and friends.

Call us at 319-471-3880 or fill out our online contact form so we can discuss your home or business cleaning service needs!

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You can schedule a one-time residential deep clean with us or opt for routine janitorial services to keep your commercial premises squeaky clean. Our professional cleaners in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City can help you with moving in and moving out, too.

Whatever type of cleaning we do, we leave your place spotless. Let’s discuss your cleaning needs today.

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All members of Team ACS are dedicated to making your everyday life cleaner and more organized with our efficient and professional cleaning services. When we’re not on the job, the team gets together to discuss how to improve our business and serve you better.

Our family-owned business has a core group of cleaners who have been with us for at least three years. This fosters familiarity with each client’s cleaning needs. Talk to us about your cleaning needs for your Cedar Rapids or Iowa City home or office and we’ll get right to it.

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